Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Enchantment Preview: Red's Revenge

Welcome back everyone, if you didn't see my previous post be sure to check it out. The second installment of Enchantment is only a few days away, and, if you've never been - just know it's quite the experience! With each event comes an immersive sim centered around a fairy tale, and this time it's Little Red Riding Hood.

How you experience this fairy tale is completely up to you. Myself, I went with a more mature Red, seeking revenge on the Big Bad Wolf for what he's done to her beloved Grandmother and for the attacks he's made on her, too. Oh no, MY Red is no sweet helpless innocent girl - no way. She is strong, she is confident and she is every bit game of battling it out as much as he is. Without further ado, here is my final preview in story:

What happened to her should never happen to anyone... I can no longer stay inside and be filled with anxiety knowing he's out there... I have to start somewhere. So, to the woods I go...


much later that night...

bad, bad wolf

the fight is over, revenge - mine. His head I'll mount in celebration of better times.

Reds Revenge_Enchantment Preview

Alas, I'm here. The fear now gone. I'll stay in Grandma's house where I'll be safe & warm.

reds jewelry of choice_exclusive to enchantment

Featured Enchantment Items:

  • Bokeh - Little Red, Medallion & Ring Exclusive, created by Pamela22 Igaly ... original non-rigged mesh; includes fit for Slink AvEnhance Hands, Casual; 5 gem & 2 metal options

  • Miamai - Blanchette Red, created by Monica Outlander ... mesh hooded gown, standard sizing

  • Big Bad Bloody Bzou, created by Khyle Sion ... wolf mesh head

  • This will be your landmark come Saturday, Feb. 1st at noon.
    For early access at midnight, join the Enchantment Update Group.

    I hope you all have a wonderful time as I did!
    .love, tekila v.

    (note. all photos taken at Enchantment)

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