Monday, July 11, 2011

Skin? Yes, please!!

Hello my fellow fashion lovers! Tell me - can a girl ever have too many skins in Second Life? Especially well detailed skins? /me hears a loud 'Hell no!' response... Hmm..My thoughts exactly :o)

Reila Karu of Reila Skins & Fashions just released her latest skin line named, "Tiffany," and hands-down, this skin oozes with beautiful, highly-detailed quality. Tiffany is a soft-glowing skin with highlights that accentuate the body's best assets appropiately. Check out the full body and close-up previews below:

Reila Skins - Tiffany Medium 1FBS

Reila Skins - Tiffany Medium 1
Tiffany comes in 6 different makeups and hairbase + cleavage options. Also included is a shape, eyebrow base and a pair of eyes - definitely a complete avatar package and definitely worth trying on.

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Lv, Tekila V.

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