Sunday, June 12, 2011


TO Second Life that is! Okay, so this isn't a review NOR is it a compilation of current awesome items in SL; but rather, it's about a new fantastic feature coming to the next Second Life client which will transform nearly everything in the game. And, yes, it's called Mesh. There's all sorts of speculation right now about the power of Mesh and what it will all effect and to whom will it effect. I found a great video on YouTube that explains and shows what Mesh is and will do to the game of Second Life as we know it - as far as builds are concerned. Watch it here.

Imagine how avatars and clothes will look under the "Mesh-Influence." Fellow blogger and fashion designer, Siddean Munro, has posted a wonderful FAQ and a sample photo all about MESH here.

You decide if it's a good or maybe a bad thing for the game. Leave a comment or, better yet, leave me a message on my Plurk.

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Lv, Tekila V.

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