Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sculpted Bunny Ears!

. My 1st Bunny Ears Sculpted Bunny Ears Final Ad V1 Hello world! I'm really nervous/excited/anxious just to tell you that I have finally finished my first set of sculpted bunny ears! This was actually a lot harder than I anticipated it to I really hope you enjoy this product (if you even decide to check it out!). And, I'm sure I'm pretty much loving it maybe more than anyone might (?idk!). Like a proud mama I'm already sporting it with the latest Glam Affair skin from The Dressing Room (70L). You can find this set at my current and only location, Gesture Avenue, by clickinging here. Be sure to stop on by and show some love! Lv, Tekila V *p.s. sorry for the lame post layout, is experiencing technical difficulties*

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