Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Goodies Are Here!

Hello you! Hope you're well tonight...So much to share with you whether you're in the mood for x-mas or feeling like a bit of a scrooge...Right now, 10 stores have gathered and put out free items at Mr. Scrooge's Holiday Village to spread a little seasonal love. You can find all the christmas decorations and props featured in the photo below:
Coal Stuffed Christmas!
Also, there are several gifts at Palamos Island...There you can find the pink dress above at N'Soul here...The bracelet at Mandala here. There's lots more at the other shops so be sure to look around...Plus, the warm winter hat, flannel jacket, white ripped pants and shoes are free to group members at *Coco* - best of all, the group is free to join.

TP to Mr. Scrooge's Holiday Village
TP to *Coco* Designs

A big THANKS to MsRam for helping out with this post!
There you have it! More to come, as always.

Lv, Tekila V.

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