Sunday, November 21, 2010

Shopping Black Friday?...OMG might want to save or earn those extra Lindens for everything set to kick off within the coming week and so forth...Let's just say there's going to be plenty of OMG's going around with all the great items/events going on the day after Thanksgiving-slash-first of December...
What's going on Right This Moment...
To celebrate the fact that this week still means Thanksgiving, head over to Ivy Graves' main store, Atomic, where you can claim this group gift skin right now:
Nov. VIP Gift - Illusory Skin Promo
Though this skin is to commemorate the festive American's also to give you a taste of a new store Graves' will contribute to, called, Illusory...It is set to open the beginning of December and the group is free & open to the public (for now?). Atomic's group does have a joiner fee, I can only speculate whether or not the Illusory group will one day have a joiner fee, as well...

Teleport to Atomic
Join the Illusory Group

Black Friday Deals & Steals...
This next event...I can't promise you there will be skins you love by designers you love; but, it's worth joining the group for what's hopefully a nice surprise:

UPDATE! =) is the current poster with a list of participating skin creators:
Black Friday AD

*Join the Skin Addiction Group

*BF Sale @ Bliss Couture:
Bliss Couture Hair, Thanksgiving Sale 50% off

Us Americans know Black Friday is a huge deal in real life and somewhat in sl...But, get ready to feel the 'BF' presence a little bit stronger in SL...Soon, there will be an entire area devoted to the excitement that surrounds a RL Black least at the new sim called, One Eleven, which kicks-off the permanent idea/feel of a 'BF' event, only this one is year-round!
one eleven.
Yes, you read that right - ONLY 111 copies of everything are available of each exclusive designer item...I definitely recommend clearing your cache and detaching everything for this shopping adventure. Oh! And of course your girl just happened to get her hands on this little sneak peek of one of the items going up for sale...: ONE ELEVEN

Visit the OneEleven website for more.

Update! Click here to see the exclusive hair Elikataru is offering

Coming This December....

One of Second Life's largest organized hunts is set to begin Wednesday, December 1st. It's called the Peace on Earth hunt... The list of participators has been scaled down to 300 (yes, only! *smiles*)...I'm really looking forward to trying on Rockberry's hunt prize, the Kalista skin pack:

This next part is not easy...I'm saddened to announce the closing of the Starlust sims...If you are new to Second Life...don't shop much, at all...'been under a rock for some time'...then, you should feel sad, too. Starlust has always been a unique sim where more than the imagination gets to run wild...It truly has been a staple and ambassador for creative freedom. No other sim has come as far and as successful as the Starlust. A final party is scheduled and everyone is welcomed:

Visit The Starlust Sim

Plenty more to talk about, so stay tuned for updates & if you have something to share, feel free to contact me in-world @ Tekila Vella or leave a comment here on the blog

Lv, Tekila V.

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