Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Have you EVER been skin shopping all evening and racked up SO many demos with the hope that you really will look good in all of them because you want to believe your avatar can look good no matter what? Or, maybe you don't want to look good in them because then maybe, like me, you'll buy them all and be in the SL poorhouse afterward!? But, sometimes when you try on all your demos, some skins work, and, well..some JUST DON'T!! And some you think work but they really..just don't and you have no one to help give it to you straight - so to type - SO! This post, I openly ask for the honest opinions of you, the fashionistas, budding and seasoned, which skin do you like on my avatar from the pic below? Thoughts, comments & suggestions are always welcomed!

Credits (left to right):
skin 1, I CE CoCo, in-store gift (amazing NEW skin shop!)
skin 2, Staged, last month's group gift I finally got around to trying on
skin 3, CandyDoll, Though it may be hard to see, there are teeth btwn the lips!
skin 4,

Lv, Tekila

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Anonymous said...

Love the candydoll Skin!!