Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fashion Foward: (Yuli) & ANA_Mations

Sexy & Chic is in full swing at Yuli Orman's fashion store, Yuli! Three years into SL designing, Orman continues to create both classy and playful ensembles with scripted accessories and sculpty objects. A mixture of Yuli's pieces have been selected for review below:

Outfit one,
Cassie Pleated Dress in black & pink
Party time!! At least look the part with this hot mini pleated dress. Cassie comes with one sheer & one solid version. Not only does the majority of Yuli's outfits come in multiple colors, they also come in multiple layer options - yay for choices! The skirt is sculpted and scripted for resizing.

Also shown:
Handbag 70 by (Yuli), an entirely customizable/scripted purse to change the size and color of it. Great texturized accessory.

Outfit two, Alyssa Chic & Sexy Dress in black & wine
Cassie's 'party pretty' friend is Alyssa. This dress is cinched along the middle of the frontside of the body, drawing the eyes in and down the vertical line. This dynamic piece also comes with ruffles and straps across a slightly exposed upper back. The textures and seam lines match and smooth out nicely. Alyssa comes in a jacket & pant layer only. A scripted beaded necklace is also included.

Outfit three, Jeanne Lace Gown & Lingerie in sand
Class it up with Jeanne. This multi-purpose ensemble is perfect for a romantic evening. Options are plentiful in layers and how you prefer your gown: strapless or with straps. Three flexi skirts are included, too: long, medium & mini. A neck ruffle, long gloves and thigh-high stockings are the accessories included - allowing you control over how much, or how little, you want to wear.

The overall textures of this outfit are of great quality - zoomed in closely or not. I give this outfit a high thumbs up for an overall must buy!

*Last but certainly not least!*
Outfit four, Alma Stripper Dress in black
Yes! The name says it all! Alma is a teaser for the teases in Second Life! This 3 part outfit makes stripping much easier - everything is there for you (or someone else) to peel away piece by piece. Start with one strap, remove your skirt and then as things heat up - take off the other strap - then shed the dress all together to be just in your panties without ever having to worry about putting on something to conpensate what you wish you could do before! Alma is not only a fantastic idea, but Alma is a great deal. Alma comes in every layer possible and in several colors. Yuli has graciously included a scripted necklace, earrings and bracelet set. Alma is another must-have in any dancer or teases naughty closet!

TP to (Yuli)

Also Shown:
All poses by ANA_Mations
Hair by Boon, Magika & Truth

Stay Tuned,
Lv Tekila Vella

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