Monday, June 1, 2009

Hair Fair '09!!!!


OH YEAH BABY!!! The ever primtastic event, known as the Hair Fair, is near! And to boot, there is an awesome contest underway on SO! If you haven't made an account with Flickr, do not's a few things to know: It's free to make an account; if you have yahoo you automatically have flickr...just use the same ID and password to sign in; Flickr does have some photo editing features both for free and paid accounts; its easy and several SL members are already on the site sharing their shots. Soooooo! Hair lovers, photogs and the like, be ready to get creative and snap, photoshop, paint shop and so on away! Numerous talented SL designers are providing the prizes for best Hair Fair contest winners. You can find more details about the contest at:

Not to forget, if you've ever been to a Hair Fair in Second know that it can be somewhat laggy, almost excrutiatingly. Typically, if one is planning to attend, its most recommended that one should detach all prims from his/her avatar and even rid of any scripts (ie AOs, radars). This year, I decided to attempt to make my own skin, everything already 'painted' on ;) I'll let you know how it goes! Til then - stay tuned!

Lv, Tekila V.

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