Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Doux Petit Dahl

*UPDATE* Grand Opening is today, all day! That's Friday the 13th! :)

*mmm* I love skins, dresses, jewelry, food, bright colors, fun makeup and and and..this new store in Second Life called Doux Petit Dahl which is covering it all. . .DahliaJames Gossipgirl is a new designer to SL. Visiting her store is refreshing with all the splashes of color carrying over with her creations. I stocked up my inventory with the fresh releases & here a few of the goodies I found:

First up:
*Green Machine Skin in Tone 5, there are several tones to choose from, 150L for singles
*Lime Striped Cardi Vest, Only 1L and comes in several colors & layers
*Sad Rainbow Skin in Tone 5

*Sweetheart Dress in Richer Darker, Also comes in a variety of colors
*Toast Necklace, Chain comes in different colors
*Retro Vinyl 3 Seater, Fun prim/sculptie couch with 3 different poses

Last, but surely not least, the Bluesy & Bluesy Faded skin in Tone 5
*Cupcake necklace, comes in 2 styles, one with spikes & one without
*1L Striped Cardivest

There's lots more at the shop, I believe the official grand opening is soon. I will update you all when the info. becomes available. But I'm pretty sure you can sneak on over anytime.
TP to Doux Petit

Lv, Tekila

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