Monday, January 26, 2009

Fantasy Film


I've heard Second Life is filled with adventure, depending on how far you take it. There's always something to be discovered, new or old. . .There's many great sims across the grid. I have had the pleasure to visit some unique sims throughout my Second Life so far. Most recently, I now see them even better with an advanced graphics card. The richness of the beauty is quite breathtaking & a leap from the ordinary graphics. For example, the look of the water itself is somewhat spiritual, in that it relaxes & soothes me. I know many residents have had this pleasure for months now, but seeing it for myself for the first time is, as simply put, awesome. Below is an example of how I get to now experience the game in-world.

This particular clip is from a current film I am working on for designer April Looming. I'm very excited to be able to work on this next level. The finish product will be posted this coming week. Stay tuned :)

As Always,
Lv Tekila

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